MS-DOS 7.x & 8.x

MS-DOS 7.x & 8.x

These versions are versions which were shipped with Windows. Version 7.0 was shipped with Windows 95 and supported only 2GB HDD (FAT 16) only the Windows 95 version B supported FAT 32 and HDD above 2GB (DOS 7.1). DOS 8.0 is shipped with Windows ME – the last Windows version which needed DOS as basic OS.


MS-DOS 7.x

MS-DOS 8.0




7.0 – 09.1995
7.1 – 1996

8.0 – 2000

5 1/4 inch
double-sided: 1,2 MB
3 1/4 inch
very high density: 2,88 MB

FAT 16/32
32 GB HDD supported


Version 7.0: This version is part of the original version of Windows 95. It provides support for long filenames when Windows is running, but removes a large number of utilities, some of which are on the Windows 95 CD in the \other\oldmsdos directory.

Version 7.1: This version is part of OEM Service Release 2 and later of Windows 98. The main change is support for FAT 32 hard disks, a more efficient and robust way of storing data on large drives.

DOS still exist in all actual version of Windows to (XP, 2k, NT) but it’s only an emulated version of DOS (Command Prompt) to run batch files and older software if needed…

Also there exist an internet browser for DOS (yes incredible but true) – Unfortunately the site for downloading it is now down 🙁

It was…