Windows User Profile (corrupt/deleted)

Sometimes Windows Profiles gets corrupt especially roaming profiles or if different users are working on the same machine someone is deleting files from another profile just for fun or what ever. Than it often happens that you get a temporary profile (a small popup appears on the bottom right when login in. Depending on what Windows version and theme it […]

Remote Desktop (RDP) to AzureAD connected PC

Sometimes you need to connect to an AzureAD connected device but with the normal login credentials AzureAD\userid this isn’t possible. For these cases you have to modify the RDP file corresponding to this article. So open mstsc.exe and save the connection details to a place where you can find and open it. Open the RDP file with notepad!! Now check […]

Windows 10 Fast Startup Mode

Maybe not so good for companies! Windows 10 includes a feature called “Fast Startup”, which is enabled by default. The whole idea behind this feature is to make it so computers don’t take as long to boot up after being shut down (rather than going into hibernation or sleep). It achieves this by essentially using a cut-down implementation of Windows […]

Install unsigned drivers from advance boot menu

Restart your computer by holding the shift key while clicking on restart In the advanced boot menu choose: Troubleshoot Advanced options Start-Up Settings (may be on a second page!!) Restart Than choose F7 to disable driver signature enforcement After the reboot  you can install unsigned drivers. When you have installed the needed driver reboot again to enable driver signing again.