Windows 1.01

Windows 1.01

Bill Gates said in that time: Windows should be like MAC OS

Some pics will have German text on it because they come from an German homepage and I didn’t have the time yet to do the pics myself




RAM 256 k

DOS Version

MS DOS 2.0 – 5.0

Installation needed 2 floppies or HDD

Price (of the time)

262 €

Disk Sets provided 5,25″ (340k)


16 Bit Windows
Win 1.01: November 1985
Win 1.02: January 1986
Win 1.03: August 1986
Win 1.04: April 1987


I tested this Windows Version on a Pentium 166 with MS DOS 6.22 and it worked great.

But the Windows in itself it’s horrible. The installation works in a text mode system (check the pics I made)

The menus didn’t worked well, you needed to have the click pushed until you’ve selected what you wanted
(not like today you click, menu comes, you search and than click again…)