Retro – Best RetroArch Cores

Welches Core sollte man für welche Platform nehmen..
Game Boy AdvancemGBA
Game BoyGambatte
Game Boy ColorGambatte
Nintendo (NES)Nestopia
Sega GenesisGenesis Plus GX
Game GearGenesis Plus GX
Sega SaturnYabause
Super Nintendo (SNES)Snes9x
Atari 2600Stella
Atari 5200Standalone kat 5200 (don't use RA)
Atari 7800Prosystem
Atari JaguarVirtualJaguar
Atari LynxHandy
Sega SG1000Gens
Sega MSGens
Sega MDGens
Sega CDGens
Sega GGGens
Sega 32Pico
Sega SaturnMednafen (standalone still recommended)
DreamcastDemul Standalone
Nintendo (NES)Nestopia / FCEUmme
Super Nintendo (SNES)BSNES
Virtual BoyMednafen VB
Nintendo 64Mupen64, Dolphin, standalone for some games, PJ64 standalone for others
Nintendo Game CubeDolphin standalone
PC EngineMetnaphen PCE Fast
TurboGrafx 16Metnaphen PCE Fast
Turbo CDMetnaphen PCE Fast
Nintendo DSDesume
Playstationbeetle PSX hardware, with the software render (vulkan, still experimental)
Playstation 2PCSX2 standalone
PlayStation Portable (PSP)PPSSPP standalone
Wonderswan/ColorMetnaphen wonderswan
GCE VectrexVectrex
NeoGeo PocketMetnaphen NGP

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