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VMWare Tools – Pre Windows 7 – 11.0.6

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Some updates for Windows 98 especially for letting it run under VMWare.

Windows 98 – SP2.x are inoffical service Packs

Pay Attention that they may have different issues with some versions of VMWare

Windows Media Player 9 (mp9setup.exe) and DirectX 9 (directx-9-0c-directx_9c_redist.exe) is also available

Windows 98 – USB 2.0 / Mass Storage Driver (nusb36e.exe) – inofficial Patch as USB 2.0 was never offcialy supported by Microsoft under Windows 98

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This Package has a collection of updates – Package was created by WinFuture

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The Winfuture Update Pack 3.52 needs Service Pack 2 to be installed first. This is an in-official Update Pack which has all the, after SP2, released Updates integrated.