JNLP files not opening

If you have the issue that JNLP files don’t open correctly anymore with Java simply copy the code below in a .reg file and import it to your registry. Pay attention that this example here is for the Java 8 Update 201 (last free version) version and you may need to update the path to your jp2launcher.exe file.

Activate RDP over Remote Registry

Sometimes you are admin and have access to a remote machine by Windows Explorer etc but you need RDP to be enabled. For that you need to connect with regedit.exe remotly to the other machine (maybe the Remote Registry is not running and you need to run it manually) and change a value within the registry: With that key you Enable […]

How to change the RDP Port on your server or desktop

To make it hackers not to easy to connect with RDP to our servers or desktops we can change the port for this and I really recommend it to every one. Simply choose a random number and than follow the instructions here. This can be achieved by using regedit to manipulate the registry Enter here for the PortNumber a new […]