Shared Files

As I got disapointed by WPDownloadManager I decided to swap to another system as I don’t want to depend on licensing to have a working system.

It’s very easy for me: I buy a licence for a product let’s say version 6.1.2 so for me it’s normal to get all 6.x updates and if there will be a version 7 I gonna buy aa new licence.

What is not ok that I have a subscription for support for a year which is binded to updates (so no updates after a year – for other just no support after a year) and even worse as I couldn’t work on my site the licence expired for some month and I wanted to renew it (renew is 59$ which is already expensive as all addition costs a supplemental) but that wasn’t possible anymore (if it would be several years ok but just a few month? – since february to be clear and I started checking in september). They wanted me to buy a new licence for 99$.

That is not how it should be and now how I can accept it.

So I’m swapping to my cloud and simply sharing a folder in it for you.

It’s not like before with categories etc. but with folders (NextCloud based) – sorry about that but at least it works and I control the updates myself without having to buy expensive licences.

I’m trying to create folders as detailed as possible so that you easily understand what’s in it and same for the files itself.

Please open now which will redirect you to the correct folder.