Koken – Text

Writing and publishing essays and custom pages.

Text overview

Text is for publishing written content on your web site. Creating Click on the plus (+) button at the bottom of the left column. You will be asked to choose between an Essay and a Page. Essays are topical and are intended for sharing spotlighting new portfolio content, news, linking to outside inspiration, o…

Add topics

Topics associate essays with albums (and vice versa). They allow you to write about a public album in your Library, then publish the album’s title, cover, or other data in the essay. You may also link the topic to the album’s content page so essay readers can see more. This also works in reverse so that albums may disp…

Insert contact forms

Contact forms allow visitors to send messages via email through your site. Forms are embedded in pages and include a variety of customization options. Add a new contact form First, sign-in to your Koken installation and click on Text in the main navigation. In Text, select Pages in the left column. Click on a pag…

Insert photos and videos

Photos and videos from the library can be easily inserted into essays and pages. Once inserted you may assign titles, captions, and links as well. Create a new line Anywhere inside the essay or page you are writing, press return on your keyboard. An empty row will appear in the document displaying the fol…

Insert read more links

Read more links break essays into partial and complete articles. They’re typically inserted after the second or third paragraph and appear as hyperlinks (e.g., “Read more”) when the essay is published to the essays or essay archive pages. The remaining essay content is then read by clicking the link. Inserting a…

Insert slideshows

Slideshows are one of the available options when inserting media into an essay or page. This tutorial will explain how slideshows are added, edited and published in essays and pages. Publishing slideshows We’ll start by walking through the process of inserting a slideshow into an essay or page. Begin by click…

Insert JavaScript and HTML

Custom HTML markup and JavaScript code can be added to essays and pages published by Koken. You have a couple of options for doing so, which we’ll explain here. HTML editor Your first stop should be the HTML editor. While editing an essay or page, click the brackets button at bottom right. An inline text ed…

Insert content from Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Flickr, and SoundCloud

Essays and Pages created in the Text console can display tweets, photos and videos as easily as pasting an item’s page URL onto a new line. Koken will recognize the provider and format the content appropriately. Supported providers at this time include Twitter, Vimeo, Flickr, Hulu, YouTube, Instagram and SoundCloud. I…

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