Koken – Sorting content

Sorting allows you to control the order in which Library images, videos, albums and sets appear on your Koken site.

Editing sort

Select any collection or content grouping (Content, Favorites, Featured) and a Sort button will appear at the bottom of the middle column.

Library sorting – Sort button in the Koken Library

Sort is almost always set to “Manual” by default. This allows you to manually drag-and-drop content into your preferred order.

To sort content automatically, click the Sort button. A menu will appear (see above) that allows you to sort content by date, filename, title or other criteria. Changing the sort will refresh the main content area and update your Koken site as well.

When new items are added to a collection or content grouping, those new items are inserted at the appropriate positions within the assigned sort. For example, if an album has a sort value of “Date captured” / “Descending”, and newly captured images are added, those new images are automatically inserted at the beginning of the album.

Overriding Library sort

If you’d like to publish Library content using different sort criteria, and you can’t make that sort edit in the Library, you may add a filtered content page. This will create a unique page on your site that overrides the Library’s sort value by applying a template filter.

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