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Say you’ve uploaded a photo to your Library, assigned a title or other data, and published it on your site. The next day you take another look at the photo and realize its white balance is too warm, or there’s not enough contrast, or something else that would necessitate uploading the image again. But you don’t want to delete your image because it’s already live.

Koken resolves this and similar scenarios by allowing you to replace any image or video that’s already been uploaded. Doing so retains its title, tags, categories, site link, and any other data associated with the item. The only thing that changes is the original media file. Once replaced, any and all instances where the image/video is published will then display your replaced version.

Here’s how to replace an uploaded image or video.

Select the image/video

Select the image/video you’d like to replace by clicking on it. Doesn’t matter whether you select the image in a collection or in the “All content” view, for every instance points to the same file. Once selected the image/video will have an orange border around its edge.

Select Edit > Replace original

Click the “Edit” button at the top of the middle area, then select “Replace original”. An operating system window will appear asking you to select the file from your local machine you’d like to replace the selected item with. Select that file, then click Okay.

Wait for it…

The selected item’s thumbnail will display a progress bar and “Replacing…” message (see below).

When complete the item’s original file will be replaced and any/all instances where the item appears inside the console or on your live site will use the new version.

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