Koken – Publish image download links

Visitors to your web site may download images with your permission. This is controlled through the Maximum Download setting. The setting is turned-off by default, but may be enabled for every image you import or selectively assigned to individual images in the Library.

How it works

Before we get into specifics let’s look at an example. The screenshot below shows the content page in our default Elementary theme. The image has a Maximum Download setting of “Huge”. This adds a link to the right column for site visitors to download a large copy of the original.

Our Boulevard theme also has a download link, but here it appears as an option in the share menu:

Where download links appear is dependent on which theme you’re using. If downloading is not enabled for an image a link will not appear.

Maximum Download options

The following options are available when editing Maximum Download:

  • None – (Default) No download links are published.
  • Original – Links to the original image file.
  • Huge – Links to a copy of the original that’s 2048px on its longest edge.
  • Extra Large – Links to a copy of the original that’s 1600px on its longest edge.
  • Large – Links to a copy of the original that’s 1024px on its longest edge.
  • Medium Large – Links to a copy of the original that’s 800px on its longest edge.
  • Medium – Links to a copy of the original that’s 480px on its longest edge.

Enable downloading for all images

If you’re okay with every imported image including a download link, head over to Settings > Importing inside Koken and look for Maximum image download (see below).

Edit this to whichever option you prefer, then click Save settings. Every image you import from that moment on will display a download link on your site.

Enable downloading selectively

Every image in the Library has its own Maximum Download setting. This settings takes precedence over the global download setting in Settings > Importing. To edit, select one or more images in the Library, then scroll to the bottom of the right “Inspector” column. There you’ll see a Download option:

Click edit and a panel will open for you to select one of the aforementioned options.

When finished click Done. All selected images should now display a download link on your site.

Enable downloading of unlisted content

A common use case with Koken is allowing clients, friends, colleagues and/or family to download images. To do so, first assign unlisted visibility to an album. Second, select one or more images (shift-click for multiples) then edit Download in right “Inspector” column. When finished, anyone you share the album’s unlisted link with will be able to download its images.

Enable downloading of private content

Content with private visibility is viewable only to you inside Koken’s Library. However, you may publish password-protected private content to your live site by using our premium Password Protect plugin. Here again you may assign download links to private content so any authenticated site visitors may download images.

What happens if I upload a smaller image?

Say for example “Huge” (2048px) is selected and you upload an image that’s only 1600px on its longest edge. The published download link on your site will automatically step-down to the largest image preset size that’s available.

What about videos?

Downloading of original video files is not currently supported. For that reason, download links are published on your site, nor may they be edited.

Adding download links to a theme

If you’re developing your own theme you may support this functionality by adding the tag alongside individual images. You have the option of publishing a link to the largest size allowed, or loop through and publish individual download links for all smaller sizes as well, as explained in the tag documentation.

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