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Images are videos may be imported to the Library a variety of ways, including drag-a-drop, our Publish Services plugin for Adobe Lightroom, Vimeo as well as Instagram. Check out our importing guide for detailed instructions on all of the above.

Browsing imported content

The top of the Library’s left column handles all your imported images and videos.

Library – Browse

Let’s walk through each of the options offered there.


Displays all your public images and videos. Media is sorted by publish date, with the most recent media displayed at the top. Everything here is automatically published as a “photostream” to your public web site. You can typically see this in the “Contents” template most themes provide.

Last import

Displays only the most recently imported images and videos.


Displays all images and videos marked as favorites. Assign favorites by dragging and dropping images/videos onto “Favorites” in the left column or by selecting one or more images/videos and choosing “Edit > Mark as favorite”. Remove favorites by selecting “Edit > Unmark as favorite” or by clicking a thumbnail’s heart-shaped badge. The order in which images/videos are ordered here (by drag-and-drop) is the order in which they appear on your site’s Favorites page or elsewhere.


Displays all images and videos marked as featured. Assign featured content by dragging and dropping images/videos onto “Featured” or by selecting one or more thumbnails and choosing “Edit > Mark as featured”. Remove featured content by selecting “Edit > Unmark as featured” or by clicking a thumbnail’s star-shaped badge. The order in which images/videos are ordered here (by drag-and-drop) is the order in which they appear on your site’s front page or elsewhere.

Quick collection

Quick collection is a temporary work space. Think of it as a shelf to place images and videos you’re editing or grouping. Quick collection is not published to your site.


Unlisted content may only be viewed on your site using secret URLs. The images and videos you add here cannot be seen by the general public or search engines. This is designed to be used by those who’d like to privately share content with clients, friends, or family. See our visibility guide to learn more about unlisted content.


Private images and videos are viewable only by you inside Koken’s library. See the aforementioned visibility guide for more on private content.

Date Published

Date Published is for browsing all your published images and videos by date. Click open a year, select a month, and all images/videos published to your site in that particular month will appear in the middle column. The years and months are automatically created over time as you publish new images and videos.

Library – View by date


Collections lists all your albums and sets. Albums are for grouping images and videos. Sets are for grouping albums or other (nested) sets.

To create an album or set, click the plus button at the bottom the left column, as shown below.

Library – Collecting

To add images and videos to albums, drag-and-drop the items onto albums titles in the left column. Images and videos are independent, and may be added to however many albums you want. To add albums or sets to other sets, drag-and-drop the album/set in the left column onto the newly created set.

Learn more about creating albums and sets.

Featured albums

Featured albums are displayed prominently on your site (if supported by your chosen theme). Add albums by dragging albums in the left column up to Featured albums or by selecting “Public” / “Unlisted” in the left column then dragging and dropping album stacks from the middle column. Remove featured albums by selecting “Edit > Unmark as featured” or by clicking a thumbnail’s star-shaped badge. Drag-and-drop albums inside Featured albums to control their publish order.


Images, videos, albums and sets may be deleted by drag-and-drop to Trash at the bottom of the left column. Or you may select Edit > Move to trash when one or more images/videos, albums or sets are selected in the middle column. Trashed content is not viewable on your web site but remains on your web server. To permanently delete or restore trashed content, click Trash then click the appropriate buttons in the right Inspector panel.

Sorting, filtering and searching content


Sorting changes the order of content on your site. All collections and content groups are published in the order you assign by dragging-and-dropping items in the middle column. You may change this to an automated sort by clicking the Sort button at bottom left (see figure below).

Library – Sorting

See sorting library content for more detailed information on sorting.


Click Filter at the top to view a subset of content in your selected collection. You may filter content by type (photo, video), visibility (public, unlisted, private), cover assignment (when an album is selected) and independence (images/videos not included in an album). Note that this only temporarily changes your Library view and has no affect on your live site.

Library – Filtering


The search field above the middle column allows you to enter a tag, category or file name. Click the button to the left of the input to change your search scope. You may also search by tag by clicking on assigned tags in the right “Inspector” column when editing an item.

Library – Search

Editing properties

The Library’s right Inspector column is where all content properties are edited. Select an album, set, image or video and the Inspector column will display all its information. This is where you edit titles, captions, tags, categories, dates, and other data.

Library – Inspector column


By now you should have a general understanding of how the Library interface is setup. Check out these library articles to learn more.

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