Koken – Insert photos and videos

Photos and videos from the Library can be easily inserted into essays and pages. Once inserted you may assign titles, captions, and links as well.

Create a new line

Anywhere inside the essay or page you are writing, press return on your keyboard. An empty row will appear in the document displaying the following message.

Empty row

Insert library photos

Click the empty row and a menu will appear underneath. The first menu button is for inserting photos from the Library.


These can be photos uploaded from your desktop or photos imported using our Instagram plugin. Click the menu button and the Insert library photo sheet will appear at the top of the window (see below).

Media menu

The sheet initially displays your latest published images. Single click or CMD (Mac) CTRL (Win) click on one or more images.

To find a specific photo, click the Show menu at the top. You may browse for images through a variety of collections including Public albums, which displays a secondary menu for you to select a collection when clicked.

When finished click the Insert library photo button at the bottom. The photo that Koken inserts will maintain its relationship with its original file, so in the future if you replace the original the inserted photo will automatically update.

Want to insert a series of library photos as a slideshow? That’s the third menu button that looks like a projector screen. We cover inserting slideshows in this article.

Insert library videos

The second menu button is for inserting videos from the Library.


These can be videos you uploaded from your desktop or videos imported using our Vimeo plugin. Just like photos, select one or more videos in the Insert library video sheet, then click the Insert library video button.

Insert images from your desktop

Click the up-arrow menu button.


A sheet will appear containing a space for you to click or drag and drop an image (see below). When ready click the Insert button to add the image.

Upload image

Edit titles, captions and links

After a photo or video has been successfully inserted the item’s row will display a button at looks like a cog wheel at far right (see below).

Edit titles, captions and links

Click the button and a sheet will appear. Mouseover the filename and an edit link will appear (see below). Use this to replace the inserted photo or video with a different item.

Edit photo

Click the Caption menu to display the item’s title, caption, or both (see below). This uses the title and caption assigned to the photo/video in the Library. How the title/caption appears in your published essay depends on the theme you’re currently using.


Click the Link menu (visible with photos only) to assign a click action. This is set to “Do nothing” by default, but you may assign “Load content page” to view the photo’s individual page on your site, “Load album page” to view the photo’s parent album, “View in lightbox” to open a larger version of the photo in Koken’s lightbox, or “Custom URL” to assign an absolute link going anywhere you want.


When finished click the Update button at the bottom of the sheet. You may return and edit these settings again anytime thereafter by clicking the cog-wheel button again.

Delete an inserted photo or video

Click the X at the far right of the inserted item to remove it from the document.


Photo and video scaling

All inserted photos and videos automatically scale to the full width of the column displaying the essay/page on your site. The photos and videos are responsive too, and automatically downscale / upscale as your page layout changes when viewed on desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

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