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Custom HTML markup and JavaScript code can be added to essays and pages published by Koken. You have a couple of options for doing so, which we’ll explain here.

HTML editor

Your first stop should be the HTML editor. While editing an essay or page, click the brackets button at bottom right. An inline text editor will appear displaying the HTML markup of the essay/page you’re currently writing. You may use this to adjust the automatic HTML markup the rich text editor is applying or insert your own code.

There is one important gotcha however — all code entered into the HTML editor flows through the rich text editor, which is configured to automatically remove <script> markup that may pose a security risk. If you run into this, insert the code instead, as we’ll explain next.

Insert code

HTML markup and JavaScript code may be inserted into the document through the media menu. To use it, press return after a block of text, and you should see a “Begin typing…” message. Click the message and the following menu will appear. Click the brackets button (highlighted below) at far right.

A sheet will appear where you may write or paste the code you want included in the essay/page.

Enter your HTML markup of JavaScript code, then click the Insert button. When finished an embedded element will appear in the essay/page.

You may then click on the bar to make edits thereafter, if needed.

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