Koken – Insert contact forms

Contact forms allow visitors to send messages via email through your site. Forms are embedded in pages and include a variety of customization options.

Add a new contact form

First, sign-in to your Koken installation and click on Text in the main navigation. In Text, select Pages in the left column. Click on a page you’ve already created in the main column’s list or click the plus [+] button at bottom left to create a new page.

Anywhere in the body of the page, click return/enter to create a line break. Click inside the “Begin typing…” area that appears, then select the email icon at far right.

Selecting contact form

You should now see the Insert contact form sheet, as shown below.

Contact form sheet

This sheet includes three editable rows:

  1. Fields — The inputs and text areas that will define your contact form.
  2. Button label — The text that appears inside the form’s submit button.
  3. Success message — The confirmation text that appears when the form has been successfully submitted.

Fields includes two form fields by default: email address and message. Click Add another field to add inputs for general text, email address, or a phone number, a text area for longer messages, or a checkbox to include a yes/no type question. If a field must have a value in order for the form to submit, check its Required checkbox. To delete a field click its x button at far right.

When finished editing your contact form, click the Insert button at bottom right.

Preview a contact form

To see how your contact form will look on your live site, click the magnifying glass button at top right.

Edit a contact form

Need to make changes? Return to your page and click the gear icon at the far right of the embedded form, as highlighted below.

The contact form sheet will appear again and allow you to make refinements to its content.

Test and configure contact form

When creating a new contact form we recommend testing it out by sending yourself an email. Simply preview the page, enter data into then required fields, then click the form’s submit button. If the form submission is successful a message will appear confirming delivery.

To change which email address your contact form delivers to, click on Settings in Koken’s main navigation, then Email in the left column. The Delivery address input you see there is set to the administrator’s email address by default, but you may edit this to any address you’d prefer to use (see below).

Editing the email delivery address

When saved your contact form and all other emails from your Koken installation (password resets, etc) will be sent to this address.

Changing outbound email endpoint

Koken uses your host web server’s PHP installation to send email. For most users this should be perfectly fine, but if you experience issues (not receiving emails, errors) or would simply prefer transmitting emails through an outside service, install our free Email Endpoints plugin. This plugin will add Mandrill as well as SMTP (e.g. free Gmail, Google Apps, etc) as alternate providers, which you may select in Settings > Email once installed.

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