Koken – Import images and videos

Images and videos may be imported to Koken’s Library through a variety of ways. This article will cover each available method to help you get content up and on your site.


The fastest way to import images and videos is by dragging them from your local hard drive into the Library’s middle column. If an album is currently selected in the left column, the items will be automatically added to the album thereafter.

Import Content window

For creating a queue of files from your desktop or to import content hosted elsewhere you should use the Import Content window. To open the window, click the Import Content button at the bottom of the right column in the Library.

A window will appear containing the following options.

Import from your desktop

The first option is for uploading images and videos from your computer’s hard drive. Simply drag and drop your images/videos into the marked area or click the area to open an operating system window to browse and select files. Koken’s uploader uses a queue, so you may continually add images/videos until you’re ready to go. When ready, click the Import button.

Import image by url

The next option is to import an image by URL. This should be used if you have an image at a separate web site or server you’d like to import. Copy/paste the direct (http://) URL to the image into the field and click Import to begin the import process.

Import video from Vimeo

The next option is for importing videos from Vimeo, the video hosting and publishing site. Use of this option requires the premium Vimeo Import plugin that available through the Koken Store. Once purchased and enabled, this plugin makes it easy to import and publish Vimeo hosted videos to your Koken site. See the plugin’s store page for detailed usage instructions.

Import image from Instagram

The fourth and final option is for importing images from Instagram. Use of this option requires the Instagram Import plugin. Once purchased and enabled, this plugin connects Koken with your Instagram profile and displays a list of all your published images. Image titles are retained and tags are generated from your Instagram hashtags. See the plugin’s store page for detailed usage instructions.

Import from Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

If you manage photos using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom you have the added option of using our free Publish Services plugin. This super powerful plugin allows you to publish images to your Koken site without leaving Lightroom on your desktop. Check out the plugin page for more information on how it works.

Vimeo is a registered trademark of Vimeo, LLC which is not affiliated with this product. Vimeo screenshot images by Zeitguised. Instagram is a registered trademark of Instagram, LLC which is not affiliated with this product.

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