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Koken makes publishing images for the web easy. Upload a high-resolution original image and Koken creates seven different sizes for your web site. View your site using a mobile device, tablet, laptop or desktop and Koken automatically selects the best image size for top quality, web optimized images on every screen.

But how large should your original files be? What file settings should you use? Here are some tips to work from when importing images.

Basic guidelines

  • Dimensions: For best results we recommend uploading images that are at least 2048px on their longest edge. This matches the largest image preset size that Koken creates and provides enough pixels to support the iPad’s high resolution Retina display. Feel free to upload larger original images however to be on the safe side in case larger image sizes may be used someday.
  • File types: PNG, GIF or JPG. For photography you should always save images as JPGs.
  • Color profile: Save images using the sRGB color profile. This will ensure the best color reproduction across all types of displays. When publishing images, Koken will embed the same color profile the original image uses, so images will not be converted to sRGB automatically.
  • Color mode: Always save using RGB, not CMYK, Lab, Bitmap or others.
  • Quality: Save images at 90-100% quality. Koken compresses all the images it creates through a configurable quality setting, so compression in the original image isn’t necessary.
  • Sharpening: Like quality, Koken also applies a configurable amount of sharpening to published images, so you probably won’t need to apply sharpening when exporting an original image file.
  • DPI: Applies only when printing images on paper, not the web, so you don’t need to concern yourself with it.
  • EXIF/IPTC: We recommend maintaining your original image’s metadata by keeping EXIF and IPTC metadata when saving images for import. Koken uses IPTC metadata when importing images to auto-assign titles, captions and tags.
  • File names: Koken maintains image file names on import. This means that an image’s file name (e.g., img-0001.jpg) may appear on your public web site if the image does not include a title in its IPTC metadata or if a title is not assigned through Koken’s Library. Keep this in mind when assigning file names and consider renaming the files before importing if necessary.

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