Koken – Documentation

I gonna collect the old documentation of Koken as requested but it will take a while.

If something is missing or wrong please let me know.

Pay attention that the project is dead and as for now no new installation is possible – Only updating old sites and making them PHP 8.x ready is working

I opened an Discord Server for Koken…

So, if you want to discuss about it simply join in: https://discord.gg/DEUemKwd

The documentation will be divided in multiple main categories:

Quick Overview – Library – Text – Site

In the old documentation there was also a store area which of course isn’t available anymore and so I won’t create that area anymore.


The Installation from scrap is under development again 🙂

It’s still under development but already working not bad so far – Just had to change one entry within the database as I got stuck on the admin page.

At the end I went to the database and opened the settings table. Here I changed the value for last_migration from 42 to 43 and the endless loading screen within the admin area was solved.

You can see the screen on my YouTube Video down here – I didn’t show how I changed the value as too much detailed from my server would have been revealed:

I gonna create later on more detailed videos on how to add images, text pages, etc.

The Koken App can be downloaded from GitHub.

1.1.5 → Introducing new installer for fresh installs → fix for the db issue at the end of the installer & fix for the upload to the album issue

PHP 8.x support

PHP 8.x was never supported but thanks to the community there is a version that works:



As the project is dead the store doesn’t work anymore 🙁


The updates are now done by the community. Please follow the instructions on their pages for the different updates.


See also the dedicated Update Category (not yet available)

The plugins & themes will be later available in my download area and for now the Koken Installer is already available.

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Hans Loepfe

I am trying to migrate my Koken-Galleries from PHP 7.4 to PHP 8.2.
You’re providing some valuable information, but I am missing some details – the dot on the ‘i’.
You mention to join discussions on a discord server, however the invitation you’re kindly providing is ‘dead’.
Here on this page (where I am posting this message) you mention/say: “The updates are now done by the community. Please follow the instructions on their pages for the different updates.”
Which community, the one on Github or on that Discord Server.
Please provide links/urls and possibly detailed instructions about “How to migrate a currently active Koken-Site/Gallery.
Thanks a ton for your efforts in keeping Koken alive.