Koken – Create albums and sets

Library content is grouped together using Albums and Sets. Albums are for grouping images and videos, while sets are for grouping albums and other sets. In this article we’ll explain how albums and sets are created, edited and published to your site.

Creating albums and sets

Click the plus button at the bottom of the Library’s left column to create a new album or set.

Create new collection

A sheet will appear where you may choose between an album or set, then enter a title and description.

Enter album details

While you’re here you may toggle-open More Properties to assign a Summary, Tags and Categories. You may of course edit these properties through the right Inspector panel afterward at any time.

After an album or set has been created it will appear and be automatically selected in the left column.

Selected album

Adding content to albums

There are three ways to add images and videos to albums.

  • Drag-and-drop existing content — If your images and videos have already been imported, select one of the views at the top of the Library’s left column, then drag-and-drop the items from the middle column onto the album’s title.
  • Import directly — As explained in our guide to importing, select the album in the left column, then drag-and-drop content from your local hard drive into the middle. The content will be immediately uploaded and added to the album.
  • Import from a URL, Vimeo and Instagram — Click the Import content button at the bottom of the right column. With the album already selected in the left column, any content imported here will be added to the album post import.

Images and videos are treated independently — like a desktop photo management application — so you’re free to add imported images and videos to multiple albums if you’d like to.

Adding albums and sets to sets

Sets collect albums and other sets. There are two ways to add albums to sets.

  • Drag-and-drop in left column — Drag-and-drop the album or set in the left column onto the set.
  • Drag-and-drop from middle column — Click on Featured albums, Public or Unlisted in the Collections area of the left column. The middle column will display stacks of albums and sets. Drag-and-drop albums and sets from here onto the target set in the left column.
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